Ij start Canon Printers are one among the simplest printers within the industry. The highly versatile beat one printer has features that make them stand out among others. Cloud-ready printers of Canon hook up with cloud storage and print files efficiently. Connect with everything possible like Bluetooth, USB, and cloud after getting completed with ij.srart.canon.

How to Download Ij.start.canon?

Follow the given instruction download the setup driver easily :
1. Open a web browser and go to the canon printer official website: ij.start.canon .
2. Type the product model number that supports your device.
3. Then, click on the go button and check the supportability by providing details of your operating system.
4. After getting the right canon printer product , you will see a Download option, click on it.
5. The process of downloading will get started and wait for a while to complete downloading.
6. Now, the setup file is successfully downloaded

How To Install Ij Canon Printer?

1. In the very first place, you should prepare your Ij Canon Printer Setup.
2. In other words, unbox the machine and set up its hardware.
3. Then, turn it on and complete its initial Setup.
4. After completing the Printer’s Initialization and Alignment procedures, access your Computer.
5. Now, connect it to a stable Power Source and turn it on.
6. Then, switch on your Router and ensure it is working properly.
7. Thereafter, power up your computer and connect to a stable, high-speed Internet Connection.
8. Go to “Ij.start.canon” and click “Setup” and locate the Driver Download link for your Canon Printer’s Model Number.
9. Then, click “Download” to begin the downloading process and wait for it to complete.
10. After that, you are ready to Install Canon Printer.
11. Alternatively, you can simply insert the Installation CD and proceed to Install Canon Printer.

Network Configuration- ij.start.canon

1. First and foremost, make sure that your printer is turned on.
2. Now, move to the control panel of your printer.
3. From there, press and hold the WiFi button until the alarm orange flash blinks twice.
4. Then, release the WiFi button.
5. After this, you have to ensure that the WiFi lamp is blinking quickly in blue color.
6. Also, the power lamp must be lit.
7. Then, move to your router and press the WPS button available on it for 2 minutes.
8. Now, your printer will start searching and connecting to the network.
9. Meanwhile, the Wifi lamp will remain to flash and the power lamp will also start flashing.
10. Once the connection gets established, then both the green and blue lamp will stop flashing and remains lit.